​​​​​Learn to Swim

TRAC's Learn to Swim Programs mean everybody can learn to swim. Our swimming lessons cater for every age and every ability. We offer classes for children aged six months and above, plus we have an adult and squad program. TRAC also offers an extensive access and inclusion program for participants with a disability. 

Our aim is to assist our community to be safe in and around the water by teaching swimming and water safety survival skills in a fun and practical way. 

​Enrol anytime in the year because TRAC's point of difference is that swimming lessons are offered 48 weeks a year, stopping only for part of the summer school holidays.

Learn to Swim Features

  • Austswim" qualified teachers
  • YMCA Swimming Lessons
  • Lessons for everyone from babies to adults
  • Dedicated warm water pool
  • All teachers hold relevant qualifications
  • Student achievements are rewarded with a certificate to provide a lasting record of their progress
  • Classes are held in our learn to swim pool, as well as allocated lanes in our heated 25 meter pool
  • Pool hall and changing rooms are a consistent 27 degrees
  • A safe yet enjoyable learning environment
  • Accessible pools and changing areas
  • Lessons run all year round, with a 4 week break over the Christmas/New Year period
  • Students enrolled in our Learn to Swim program receive unlimited access to our pools all year round

Every lesson follows the YMCA swimming lessons guidelines and every swim instructor holds as a minimum their Aus Swim qualification. The lesson levels are:

Infant Classes

Starfish - 6 months to 12 months

Periwinkle - 12 months to 2 years

Minnow -  2 years to 3 years​

Pre-School Classes 

Tadpole - 3yrs to School age – Parent & Child class - Your child will develop aquatic skills including floating with recovery, movement, breath control and water safety.

Goldfish & Flying Fish -  3yrs to School age – children require an assessment for these levels to ensure they are being placed in the correct level.

School Age Classes 

Octopus - Beginner students that have minimal experience, introduction to submersion, breath control and independent movement through water.

Sardine - Independent submersion, floating and movement with feet clear of the bottom for 3m, Demonstrating independent movement with an introduction to Freestyle and Backstroke .

Salmon - Swim for 12 meters without floatation aid. Demonstrate freestyle and backstroke arms unassisted for 10 meters demonstrating sculling. Swim 10 meters using efficient technique. Undertake survival activities. Introduction to breaststroke kick

Tuna - Swim 25 meters of 2 or more strokes, using efficient stroke technique for freestyle and backstroke, and the introduction of breaststroke arms.

Dolphin - Working on swimming efficiently in all strokes including survival backstroke and sidestroke, demonstrating correct technique

Shark - Working on swimming efficiently in all strokes, freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly including survival backstroke and sidestroke, demonstrating correct technique

Access & Inclusion Lessons

One on one & group classes available with access and inclusion qualified teachers.

Adult Lessons

Beginners to Advanced - Focus on confidence and stroke development.