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Wednesday, 11 March 2020
So I let you down... - Message from Michele

So I let you down .....

 It’s been 12 months since I wrote about our Employee survey and that you told us loud and clear we need to be better at three key things: developing you as team members, better two way communication and increased collaboration. We focused on these in our planning and had a clear plan on how we were going to improve on this. We also heard loud and clear from our Leisure City team that we needed to better support them during some challenging times.

 Although I am pleased to say we improved our overall score for engagement across the organisation, that we continue to have a team confident with safeguarding children and young people we work with and that our Leisure City team felt better supported, we just didn’t get it right with the areas we focussed on over the last 12 months. Development, communication and connection. We also added Wellness to our survey this year and I am saddened that this is now added to as a key area we need to focus on for our teams.

 It is funny when you are the custodian of 500 staff and you care deeply about them that these results make you even more determined to make a difference. We shifted the dial a little in some areas, but clearly we didn’t do enough and I take full responsibility for this. As I travel around to meet with the teams this year, I am keen to listen first hand how we can do better, I want to hear what else they need to feel better supported and I absolutely commit to doing more in this area.

We have work to do and thanks to our honest and open feedback from our teams, we know where we need to focus our energy.


Michele Rowse

Chief Executive (Experience) Officer