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Wednesday, 5 February 2020
Monday, 7 October 2019
Implementing Key Staff Initiatives - Message From Michele

Go Tiges!

Sorry I am not a Richmond supporter but I am sure that all the Tigers supporters are enjoying another Premiership. We are a house of Geelong (ever so close) and Melbourne (long suffering) supporters so we had a very mixed year, but it did have me thinking…

To win at this level truly takes grit, determination and teamwork.  Richmond was able to lift a notch when they played Geelong in the semi-final when things didn’t start out their way.  Geelong did not.  It had me thinking about our teams at the Y.  I continually see our teams lifting and improving, even when times are tough, and it makes me incredibly proud to work with you all.

When I started I was lucky enough to be given the results of our staff survey and to work with the team to plan ways we can improve everyone’s experience working at the Y.  You spoke and we listened and were able to clearly set goals around the three key areas that needed our focus; communication (you wanted to know more), connection (feeling more connected to the Y) and Learning and Development (more opportunities accessible to our teams). I am pleased to say that we have implemented almost half of the initiatives you told us were important, everything from this E Newsletter to advertising more and more learning opportunities for our teams to attend.  We still have work to do, but the feedback from many is that they have truly appreciated being heard.

A few weeks back I was lucky enough to spend almost a week in Sydney with other leaders within the Y. Melinda Crole (Y Australia CEO) shared an update from other Y’s across the world including our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (link here), we had an update regarding the new Central Child Safety Unit headed up by Phil Doorgachurn (welcomed from the UK) and the child informed work for our Child Safety messaging from Delroy Consulting who visited children across all of Australia to inform us how to communicate safety to children in our care. We had an update on the new Brand work and some great insights from the Office of Young People and Social Impact regarding the National Youth Summit in November, Why Not, Social Impact Framework, CEO for the Day and the Change Agent program. Our final day was focussed on Design Thinking and was facilitated by the CBA (thank you to the team at CBA).  Annette and Glyn managed to be allocated the same group for this work and the photo above shows the final hour where each group had to present their ideas – a great day of learning, networking and fun (please speak to Annette Jurisch if you want to know more!).

As always, my door is always open. Please reach out.

Michele Rowse

Chief Experience Officer