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Wednesday, 5 February 2020
Monday, 23 September 2019
Let young people stand against climate change - Message From Michele

So I haven't had a great week this week. Besides not feeling 100% after a cold, I have struggled with the whole Climate Change debate.  Let me explain.

The Y exists as the oldest youth organisation in the world. This is no mean feat, to remain relevant and supportive of young people throughout the 17 1/2 decades we have existed. Today young people strike again to continue to bring attention to the very real need to take stronger action on climate change. The Y stands for empowering young people and believes in their right to be heard on issues that affect them. And this is where my story restarts..... I am so inspired by young people standing for what they believe, for the Y to support that through platforms on line and face to face, but what has truly knocked me is comments being made about these young people (and the Y) and our supposed ignorance about Climate Change.  I am sure many people will just say, "ignore them", "move on", "just a minority", but as a mother of three young boys, I go into protective mode and want a society that allows young people to truly have a say about their future. I agree we need to look at all angles of the debate, let young people come to their own conclusions and look at our own usage/buying habits, but as a supporter of taking a stand for the environment, we need to do this in a supportive and respectful way.

So to the nay sayers, all I say is that if young people are totally wrong about the need to take stronger action on Climate Change and the environment, then so be it, days off school, economic impacts etc can be replaced, renewed etc. But what if they/we ARE right. I personally do not want to take that risk.

Michele Rowse

Chief Experience Officer