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Tuesday, 2 July 2019
Youth Parliament & Staff Awards excitement builds! - Message from Michele

Message from Michele

I have been lucky enough to have just been away for a week with my family.  We had a wonderful time swimming, snorkelling and visiting local schools and villages in Fiji that made me reflect how important it is to continue to take time out and share special moments whether it be reading a great book together on a lazy afternoon, or being lucky enough to discover new parts of this ever fascinating world we live in.

It also had me reflecting on my Y family. I feel blessed that I have joined the Y team and get to work with such incredible people day in day out.  The passion and commitment is something I haven’t seen in every organisation and truly shows when I spend time with all of our teams. The other day I reached out to someone who left the Y recently and the genuine joy of hearing each other’s voices had us both in tears.  It’s these types of connections and relationships that create an incredible culture to work in and is truly ‘soup for the soul’.  Our challenge, as we move forward, is ensuring we maintain our wonderful culture without taking our eye off our accountability measures. The line can sometimes be crossed, so it is up to each one of us to ensure that doesn’t occur.  We need to keep challenging ourselves to be innovative, to be the best we can be, to find better ways of doing things and to ensure we focus on making profits for our purpose.

A great example of this is the upcoming #ymcabridgebreakfast where we celebrate #ymcabridge and #ymcarebuild where our profits go hand in hand with funding to help young people coming out of the youth justice system to develop skills and find work. Next week I have the privilege of attending #ymcayouthparliament to listen to young people seeking to pass bills that are truly important to them, so that they may be argued in (adult) parliament.  Amazing programmes developed and driven by the Y, all possible because of the hard work each and every one of us does each and every day.

To celebrate the amazing team that creates this incredible culture and creates these opportunities for young people, we will be recognising many at our Staff Awards night in August (more details to come).  We have turned our Awards night on its head and we are excited to be opening up awards that will be mostly behavioural based and all aligned to our values and strategic plan. Please keep your eyes open for information coming out over the next few weeks and please ensure you book a ticket and nominate those you think worthy of such wonderful recognition.

Until next time, smile – they will wonder what you have been up to!


Michele Rowse

Chief Experience Officer