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Tuesday, 4 June 2019
YMCA Connections - Message from Michele

I was looking at some old photos of my family last week when visiting my mother in Canberra and noticed that a number of the ladies on the horse and cart (early 1900’s) seemed to be of Aboriginal decent.  Mum told me it has been a long family mystery about who they were and why they were with our family, seemingly very much a part of it.  This made me intrigued and proud at the same time. To have my distant relatives either great friends or related to their local aboriginal community would have been quite progressive and I want to find out more.

From May 26 to June 3, we’re invited to consider our past and pay respect to the first people of Australia, and acknowledge the wealth of wrongs that have been committed against Indigenous Australians along the way. It starts with National Sorry Day and finishes on the anniversary of the Mabo land rights decision. The YMCA has taken the message to heart this week, with a bunch of activities and tributes paying respect to the first people. Our ELC’s and Kindergartens have dedicated times and activities to this very important part of our history and seeing all the wonderful activities come to life in photos and stories makes me very proud. Thank you to the teams who have been involved with this.

I am also excited to say that Plenty Valley has reopened and Layla and the team have been working hard to relaunch the site.  They have been running trial classes and have nearly 40 members ready to start with the June 1 timetable.  A huge thank you to Layla for her hard work in getting this off the ground and we look forward to continuing to watch the success of this great wellness venue.

As we put the finishing touches to budgets, our Strategic Plan and our Business Plan for next year, I want to thank everyone for their commitment and help during this period.  We will be launching these over the next month and I look forward to hearing the stories of how we continue to deliver on our Belief – we believe in the power of inspired young people.

Until next time,


Michele Rowse

Chief Experience Officer