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Monday, 25 March 2019
Meet Mel
Meet Mel. She has been a member of TRAC (“on and off” in her words!) for 6 years. During this time, Mel has tried a variety of exercises over several different programs and has seen some great results over the years, including some significant weight loss. At present, Mel is one of my PT clients and she reckons it’s her favourite session of the week! Call her crazy but she doesn’t mind being worked hard and trying exercises that she may possibly never think to do by herself. From my point of view, as Mel’s trainer, I cannot fault her work ethic and her commitment to getting the results that she wants. She has always been willing to push herself out of her comfort zone and this has most definitely paid off. She always had a bit of a fear and loathing of the treadmill but she can now be seen running along merrily on a Friday morning during our sessions. She may not look like she’s enjoying it but I reckon she secretly does! In her spare time, Mel keeps herself busy and loves to bake, go shopping and fish for squid! She also loves to travel and is always organizing her next trip! So the next time you see Mel sweating it out on the cardio equipment, give her the thumbs up and encourage her to keep going! She may not be able to answer back but she’ll return your thumbs up with a huge smile…?  Read More